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REVIEW: MAMA’S BOY by Dustin Lance Black

Mama’s Boy by Dustin Lance Black

DATE: 2 April 2020

REVIEW:  MAMA’S BOY by Dustin Lance Black

VERSION: Audiobook on Audible

GENRE:  Memoir

MY RATING:  5 out of 5 Stars

MAMA’S BOY is a heartfelt, emotional, and inspirational read.

Mama’s Boy by Dustin Lance Black is a memoir that spans three generations of the author’s family: from his grandmother Cokie to his mother Roseanna, then to Black and his brothers. It details some of the great difficulties they lived through and overcame, as well as some heartbreaking losses.

To be honest, I rarely read memoirs, but what I’d heard about this one intrigued me. I started with the audiobook since the paperback and hardcover versions weren’t yet available, and I’m very glad I did. The audiobook was narrated by the author himself which, in my opinion, was perfect for this book. His emotion was apparent as he read his family’s personal story and took the listener with him on their journey through some of the highs and lows of their lives.

Each generation of Black’s family had met with major obstacles and difficulties, from divorce, to childhood illness and disability, to poverty, to recognizing and fearing one’s own differences. Each difficulty they faced was met with strength, determination and indomitable spirit. When there were challenges they were unable to overcome, there was family—always there for each other and keeping each other strong.

In the end there was a little boy too timid to speak—who hid behind couches when there were visitors—who, bolstered by his mother’s strength and life lessons, grew up to find his voice and become a champion for one of this generation’s most important causes: equality.

Admittedly, I am an emotional reader (and movie watcher). I feel everything and laugh and cry my way through those books and films that pull me in. Yet, rarely, if ever, have I been as affected by a story as I was by Mama’s Boy. By the time I had finished listening to the audiobook, something inside me had shifted. I think it would be impossible not to feel changed in some way in the face of such struggles, strength, and acts of true human heroism.

Mama’s Boy is a truly inspirational story that left me with the desire to go out and make a difference in the world in deeper and more meaningful ways than I have thus far, just as the author’s mother, and the author himself, have done.

Even though I’ve already listened to the audiobook version, I purchased the hardcover as soon as it was available. It now has a spot in my small library, which I reserve for those books I know I will read and re-read. I have already started to read this written version.

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About The Seers Series

Escape the real world for a while and come visit the magical realm of Sterrenvar!

Book 2: The Dragon Shifters at Southgate

She’s a seer with trust issues. But her terrifying visions will force her to put faith in a fearless creature. 

Talwyn Sevi would rather be lonely than endure another tragic loss. With disturbing visions of a dark legion closing in, the Seer fears any friendship is doomed to end in heartbreak. But unless she can persuade a reclusive tribe of dragon shifters to help her safeguard the magical power source, there might not be anyone left to love…

Hoping to win over one of their winged leaders, Talwyn joins his guard in fending off demon raiders from their mountain fortress. But despite a growing bond with the handsome dragon shifter, she fears she’ll have to step onto a hopeless battlefield alone. 

Can Talwyn secure the dragons’ aid before a ruthless warmonger enslaves her realm?

The Dragon Shifters at Southgate is the second book in the gripping Seers epic fantasy series. If you like fearless warriors, breathtaking landscapes, and impossible odds, then you’ll love Sherry Leclerc’s captivating tale.

Book 1: The Guardians of Eastgate


An elusive Seer. A rogue wolf-shifter. If they can’t unite a divided kingdom, their world will be lost forever.

After her father’s tragic demise, Maelona keeps her powers close and pushes everyone else away. So when visions of a dark sorcerer plague her remote Seer community, she’s horrified to learn the realm’s defenses are in danger. Tasked with an impossible mission to unite all paranormal beings in the fight against evil, she fears long-held divisions could spell their demise. 

As she ventures through a sacred forest, Maelona fights her reclusive instincts to recruit a sensitive wolf-shifter with ties to her own dark past. But after encountering the bloody aftermath of demonic raids, she feels the dreaded prophecy at hand. And the time to forge alliances may have already slipped through her fingers…

Will Maelona bring the realm together before a sinister foe divides and conquers?

The Guardians of Eastgate is the first book in the action-packed Seers epic fantasy series. If you like mythical shifters, courageous heroes, and dark prophecies, then you’ll love Sherry Leclerc’s spellbinding adventure.




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