Another sneak peek from The Guardians of Eastgate: Seers Book I

Here is another sneak peek from the book to help tide you over until the book is released. It won’t be too long now!


Maelona’s people kept mostly to themselves, living life simply and close to nature. However, because of their particular gifts, they considered themselves guardians of the realm. They sought to investigate and infiltrate any new threats to the people of the realm, unseen and unnoticed, and when necessary, to act to bring justice. As evil can be insidious, polluting the good of the world with many small, seemingly insignificant acts, the solemn oath of the seers was to be the antithesis of this darkness. Their job was to remove evil when possible, and bring light to the darkness in ways unseen by most. Only rarely, in cases of extreme threat and danger, did they play a larger, more visible part in the world. Maelona’s instincts told her this was one of those times.


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