My Goals in Writing The Guardians of Eastgate

Hello Dear Readers/Potential Readers,

I have been doing some thinking lately, and decided I want to share with you how I have structured my novel, The Guardians of Eastgate, and my reasoning and goals behind the structure and content I chose to include.

I have read some very good fantasy novels in my lifetime that require a lot of time and thought, and I have enjoyed them very much.

During the times when my life is busy, however, over-long or convoluted books tend to cause me to lose my patience. I have set aside more than one book by highly rated authors before finishing them due to this.

When I have the time to just relax and read, I do enjoy the heavier books, but sometimes I want a book that is entertaining and enjoyable, that makes me think without being 120,000+ words long, and without lots of plot complications or the need for an alphabetized list of characters and their interactions in order to be able to follow what is going on.

So, I have written this book for young adults (really, from teen to adult) keeping in mind the needs of people who like a decent fantasy read but don’t have a lot of time to invest.

For example, I myself hate to stop reading mid-chapter, but only have short bursts of time to read in. So, my chapters in this book tend to be on the short side. I have also done this to aid with the feeling of progression and moving forward at a steady pace.

The story itself is also only around 60,000 words long, so it can be read over a fairly short period of time. So, if life gets busy, you won’t have to set it aside, only to forget details and want to start all over again when you have time to read once more.

Don’t get me wrong: I put a lot of food for thought in there about culture, race, differences, accepting others for who they are, self-discovery and, just as importantly, accepting and appreciating ourselves for who we are. However, I have endeavored to do this in a book that is accessible even to those who lives are filled with school, work, family, and so on, who may only have limited time and attention to devote to reading on any given day.

This is the first book in a planned series of five, six if the last one goes too long. Each of the four first books is about a different seer champion (there are 4) and follows the same timeline. In the last book (or last 2, depending) the four seer champions will come together again to face the dark sorcerer and try to put a stop to his evil plot.

In summary, I planned this series of books as related stories that each have some resolution for the characters in them, even if the BIG problem doesn’t get resolved until the last book(s). I have and will continue to put some thought-provoking ideas in these books to get you thinking and maybe looking at things a little differently (maybe someone should suggest to Trump that he read these books). However, I have endeavored to do so in a way that is accessible to even the busiest fantasy book fans.

In summary, if you are looking for a George R.R. Martin-esk novel, this is not it. However, if, like me, you love a good fantasy story but your busy life limits the time and attention you can spend on such pass-times, or if you want something at the end of the day that is not so hard to follow that your brain starts to smoke (not dissing those books; I do enjoy them when I have the time), then this may be the book/series for you.

These are the goals I tried to achieve in the way in which I wrote and structured The Guardians of Eastgate. Since this is my first published work, I can only hope now that I have hit my mark. I hope as well that you enjoy the story as much as I do.

Sherry 🙂


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