Updates on coming novels in the Seers Series – 3 Nov 2017

I got some great feedback on my second edition of The Guardians of Eastgate from my paid beta reader yesterday . I’m still waiting on my unpaid beta readers 
In the meantime, I finished self-editing based on the feedback I received so far.

Next steps: editing by a professional, waiting for other feedback, waiting on cover art etc.

In summary, my next step is waiting.

I’m not so good at that, so in the meantime I will continue working on the second and third books in the series.

Yes, you heard me. I started the 3rd book on November 1st, since I signed up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and the book you write during that period is supposed to be a new one. So, I am now working on two simultaneously.

Yes, I’m crazy. I’ve never tried to debate that… 


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