Coming Soon on Author Reach!

Hello all,

I just signed up for Author Reach, which is a new site where authors can make their work available to readers, and readers can search out new and favorite authors. It will allow me to easily set-up a subscriber list for that monthly newsletter I have been meaning to start.

Currently, I am working on preparing my short storioes for e-book format. The image attached to this post is the pre-made cover I purchased for the Short Story Collection, which I have titled The Guardians of Sterrenvar. It may take me a week or two to get everything set up properly, since I also work full time, have a family, write, etc. etc. I hope you will check it out once it is ready.

I will post an update once everything is in place. For the first couple of weeks after everything is ready, I will be giving away a free e-book copy of the short story collection to those who sign up to my email list for newsletters and updates. Then you will have the stories in e-book version instead of having to read them off my web site.




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