Cover design: One Service Indie Authors Can’t Afford to Skimp On

Cover design is one service new and aspiring indie authors can’t afford to skimp on. We often start out with limited resources, trying to decide which services we need, and which we can do without.

There are many things you can do on your own if you are patient and willing to learn. However, unless you are an accomplished artist or graphic designer as well as a writer, you will want to choose a professionally made cover. A poorly designed cover can cause readers to overlook or turn away from a book that might otherwise have great content inside.

Your cover is the first thing readers will notice about your book. It needs to be attention-grabbing and indicative of what the readers will find inside. It needs to hook people. It is said that the cover is what gets readers to pick up the book and flip it over to read the synopsis on the back cover, and it’s the synopsis on the back that convinces the reader to look inside.

Aside from the art itself, there are other considerations that should not be overlooked. These include, but aren’t limited to, color scheme, font, text size, and how easy it is to see the art and text when the cover is in thumbnail size on Amazon. Get any of these wrong, and it could negatively affect your book sales.


There are different alternatives to book cover creation, and prices can vary greatly. You can buy a pre-made book cover from a reputable site by choosing from a large variety of options. You choose a cover that fits with your book, and the artist will add your author name and book title. You can find some relatively inexpensive covers this way, but the end price will depend on the artist and/or cover you choose, and whether you are looking for an eBook cover, paperback cover, hardcover, audiobook cover, or some combination of these.

The Book Cover Designer,,  is a site where you can purchase pre-made covers from a large selection. You can choose from featured covers or browse by genre or artist. Once a cover is sold, it will never be sold again, so you don’t have to worry about another author ending up with the same cover as you.

I purchased my cover for my Seers Series short story collection, The Guardians of Sterrenvar from this site. I happened upon an attention-grabbing cover that fit perfectly with my series. I originally only ordered the eBook cover, since I intend to add to the collection before releasing the paperback version. However, the artist has expressed willingness to add the paperback version when I am ready for it – for a fee, of course.

Some other sites I have found that sell pre-made covers, but with which I do not have personal experience, are:

There are plenty more out there still for those of you who wish to check out the options before deciding.

The other alternative is to find an independent book cover artist, which I did for the second edition of The Guardians of Eastgate. I found my cover artist on Twitter. I had seen her Twitter posts and examples of her work many times before I decided to contact her about contracting her services.

One benefit to this is that I will be using the same artist,,  for the subsequent books in the series, so that they are all uniform. She was also able to help me create my author and series logos, which will be included in all the books in the series. Also, I was able to be in contact with her regularly so that the cover fit with my vision, while still having that professional input.


There are a couple of drawbacks for this method for new indie authors, however. First, you need to make sure you’ve done your research, checked testimonials and reviews, looked at portfolios and so on. You can probably find an inexpensive cover artist on, for example, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll end up with a quality cover. Do your homework.

Another drawback is that using a reputable cover designer to create an original cover from scratch can be more expensive and take more time than purchasing pre-made covers. The time and money cost will also depend on whether the cover designer works with photographs or creates original art.

One site I found where you can choose from pre-made covers or find an artist to work with to create your cover is They do formatting as well, which many cover artists will do.

In the end it comes down to what your budget is, what time line you are hoping for, and what you are looking for in a book cover. However, your book cover will be important enough, both for your professional reputation and your sales, for you to take it seriously and find yourself a professionally designed cover that is representative of both your book and yourself as an author.



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