Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Complete Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Complete Series and Percy Jackson's Greek Gods Boxed Set

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Complete Series and Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods Boxed Set by Rick Riordan

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians is an entertaining and engaging read.

I ordered the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Complete Series to read with my 10 year old son. It was a very enteraining and engaging read. Most nights, my son was begging me to keep reading while I tried to convince him it was time for bed. Honestly, I often wanted to keep going too, but someone has to be the adult ; ) Riordan apparently does the “hook at the end of a chapter” thing very well.

I minored in Classics in University for a couple of semesters until I switched to another subject I felt would be more immediately “useful” for job hunting after graduation. But needless to say, Greek and Roman mythology have been interests of mine for many years. Riordan takes Greek myths and modernizes them. He writes action-filled books with his vision on what Olympus and those classic, mythical gods, heros, and monsters might look like today if they were real, and how the world could be affected. This series is a great way to spark young people’s interest in learning more about mythology.

Riordan’s use of Percy as the protagonist of the series was a very good choice. Like Harry in the Harry Potter series, Percy starts out thinking that he is just a normal kid to whom weird things happen. In Percy’s case, a lot of his problems were attributed to ADHD. I believe this approach makes Percy feel more relatable to young people who might themselves feel like they don’t always fit in. The unusual family dynamics of the demi-god heros is another aspect that I’m sure many can relate to on many levels.

We finished the last book of the series last night, and my son asked me to read the “sneak peek” of the Heros of Olympus series that was previewed at the end. This was obviously a very good marketing strategy, because then I had to go order that series for us to read together. My son made it clear that he wants to start as soon as we recieve it.

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