Character Bios

**Warning! There may be spoilers! Read at your own risk!

The Guardians of Eastgate: Book 1 of The Seers Series:

Maelona Sima

Maelona Sima is the main character of the first book in the Seers Series, The Guardians of Eastgate. She is also an important character throughout the thread of the entire series. At first, she appears to be merely a seer champion. The reader soon discovers, however, that she is also part wolf shifter and daughter to two sorcerers. Her mother is the wolf shifter sorceress Ailla Melyonen, and her father was seer sorcerer Maddock Sima, who was killed in an accident years ago. Maelona blames herself for his death. At the beginning of the story, her guilt and self-blame over the incident hold her back from letting others in and from reaching her full potential.

Maelona usually shows a calm, stoic demeanor in public, but with close friends she is warm and caring. Maelona stands at 5’11” tall and has a lean but muscular frame. She usually presents with rich, chestnut brown hair and warm brown eyes, though this is not her natural coloring (I picture her as looking similar to Raquel Alessi).

Blaez Murdax

Blaez Murdax is a wolf-shifter protector who becomes the partner and companion of Maelona Sima. He does not use his last name, however, because of his father’s history of harming his own family and others. The sorceress sends him out to meet Maelona Sima while she is en route to the wolf shifter village. At the shifter village, it is revealed that Maelona is the sorceress’ daughter, and thus, Blaez’s own father was responsible for the traumatic incident in the past that included Maelona and her father.

Blaez is steadfast, loyal and calm. He has been known to have a dry, sarcastic wit, when the occasion calls for it. Physically, Blaez in human form stands around six and a half feet tall with a muscular frame. He has jet black hair, icy blue eyes, and a square jaw (similar to Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, or Henry Cavill).


Gareth is the prince of Eastgate and son of King Niall. Early in the book he is sent by his father to find Maddock Sima and bring aid back to the city. Along the way, he is attacked by three demonkin and is saved by Maelona and Blaez. He stays at the sorceress’ sanctuary until he is healed. Then he, Maelona and Blaez head back to Eastgate. They become friends along the way.

Gareth is fun-loving and boyish, and he likes to make people laugh. He is also a bit of a charmer. Gareth stands about 6’ tall with an athletic physique, by human standards. He has light brown hair and hazel-brown eyes (think Alex Pettyfer).

The Dragon Shifters at Southgate: Book 2 of The Seers Series

Talwyn Sevi

Talwyn Sevi is the protagtonist of the second book in the series, The Dragon Shifters at Southgate. She, like the other MC’s in the series, is a seer. She is over three-hundred years old at the time of this book. She is tall and lean, with long, wavy red hair and moss-green eyes. She also has fair skin and freckles.

She is sarcastic and outgoing. In Book 1 of the series, Maelona describes her as “as fiery as her hair.” But she uses sarcasm like armor or a shield, and she is actually a very sensitive individual who has the capacity to care deeply for others.

Assuming, of course, that they get past that armor.

Lord Dreyken

Dreyken is Lord of the Stone Dragons, the clan of dragon shifters who currently occupy the Cruache Mountains, south-south-west of Southgate.

Dreyken, in human form, has shoulder length, wavy blond hair and bright blue eyes. He is tall and mucular. In dragon form, he is a shiny dark-grey to black, almost the color of hematite. Talwyn says, “he is bright as the sun in human form and dark as night in dragon form.”

Dreyken inherited his role as Lord of the Stone Dragons after his parents passed away. He was still quite young when he took on the post, and so he let the Elder Council make the decisions for him. Over time, as he aged, he took on a more active role to a degree. However, he pretty much just let old habits continue and let the Elder Council run the show.

Until he meets Talwyn Sevi.

Dreyken is immediately drawn to Talwyn despite, or rather because of, the fact that she doesn’t fawn over him like the dragon shifter females. Talwyn gives him the wake up call he needs to realize he has been sleep-walking through life. With her help, he eventually becomes the leader he is meant to be.