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The Guardians of Eastgate: Book 1 of The Seers Series, has won a Literary Titan Gold Award!  Check out the awards page here.


February 27, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

In The Guardians of Eastgate Maelona, one of the four champions of the Seer race, is tasked with protecting the realm of Sterrenvar from an ancient evil that threatens the land. Maelona struggles to protect the very people who once hunted and killed the Seer race out of fear and mistrust. Maelona and the other Seers fight to protect four keystones from being breached by evil forces. Maelona soons finds that this proves to be an incredibly difficult job. Is she up to the challenge? She teams up with her friends, a wolf shape-shifter, and a human prince, on her quest to save Eastgate from destruction against evil forces.

The Guardians of Eastgate by Sherry Leclerc was an amazing read. The first edition felt more like an outline of the story it didn’t dive into the detail or flesh out the characters. It felt more like a summary of an existing story. This second edition was far better, from extended scenes to extended dialogue which makes helps to develop a rich and complex plot that is both easy to follow and leaves you wanting more.

Leclerc takes us on a beautiful journey in a world filled with fantastical creatures, sorcery, shape-shifters, swords and so much more. It was an interesting choice to make a standard figure of fantasy, the seer, into an entire race of guardians. I cannot wait to explore more of this race in the coming series. They are fascinating, but I felt we’ve only seen the surface of a vast ocean.

I was impressed with the complexity and variety of the story line. The author expertly combines elements of romance and mystery into a suspenseful read, that includes an array of compelling characters. The romance between between Maelona and Blaez was intriguing, and lends to the emotional appeal of this novel, but the story is punctuated by some intense fight scenes. If you’re looking for fight scenes that are realistic, Sherry Leclerc has a third dan black belt in Taekwondo, and her expertise is apparent.

This 2nd edition of The Guardians of Eastgate, I felt, allows this series to really take off. It’s an appropriate start to a series that is brimming with potential on par with the Dragonlance series. I will definitely be looking out for the next book. I loved traveling with Maelona on her journey and can hardly wait to meet the next champion. You will be sure to enjoy this book if you enjoy magic, sword &  sorcery, action. adventure, and romance.

If you’re a fan of fantasy fiction, I highly recommend The Guardia …
BookNinjaBN    (5 stars, B&N)
If you’re a fan of fantasy fiction, I highly recommend The Guardians of Eastgate by Sherry Leclerc. It has a host of weird and wonderful creatures, beautiful mythical landscapes, and a twisting and exciting plot that is engrossing right up to the last page. Maelona is a champion of the Seer race of Sterrenvar, who watch over the keystones that protect their world. Maelona is the first line of defence when a dark sorcerer rises up to enslaves her home. She can’t do this alone, but with prejudice existing between the races of Sterrenvar, can she enlist anyone to help, or will darkness enslave them all?

I really enjoyed this great piece of fantasy fiction, it was beautifully constructed, with great dialogue and growth of relationships between characters. Apparently, this is the first in a 5 novel saga, called The Seer Series, and I can’t wait for the next one, to see what is in store for the mythical world of Sterrenvar.

As a fantasy novel ‘The Guardians of Eastgate by Sherry Leclerc ha …
BookieBabe1    (5 stars, B&N)
As a fantasy novel ‘The Guardians of Eastgate by Sherry Leclerc has it all – mythical creatures, conflict, an impending sense of danger, romance, stunning landscapes, and so much suspense. We enter the world of Sterrenvar, which faces danger from a dark force that approaches Eastgate, which is protected by Maelona. As a member of the Seer race, she faces distrust from most other races, but she is still determined to protect them all. With a Prince and a shape-shifter by her side, can she save Sterrnvar? I loved Maelona as a protagonist, she is strong, compassionate and wilful…she definitely has TV series potential. Finally, call me a nerd, but I love it when a fantasy novel includes a beautifully drawn map at the beginning of the book. It really helps me immerse myself in a world that takes so much imagination to create. A marvellous read.
I am a huge fan of fantasy fiction, as there are no real rules – i …
GemmaDavison     (5 stars, B&N)
I am a huge fan of fantasy fiction, as there are no real rules – it can be as otherworldly and fantastical as the imagination can stretch. Sherry Leclerc has certainly stretched her imagination with ‘The Guardians of Eastgate’, an epic piece of fantasy writing that really drew me into a tumultuous world, where an impending darkness threatens to engulf all that live there. If the races that live within Sterrenvar cannot come together as one, then the chance of defeating the dark force in slim to none. Maelona is a champion of the Seer race, and she is determined to fight for the people of her world, despite the fact that many of them sought the destruction of her race. Her arduous journey begins, but how will it end?

This book was beautifully written, with well-developed characters and a great flow. Furthermore, it is so refreshing to see a fantasy novel, take on some important contemporary issues in its narrative. ‘The Guardians of Eastgate’ has the underlying message of acceptance, and understanding of other cultures that are different to your own. No matter where we come from, or what we believe, we are all part of the same world.

The Guardians of Eastgate: Book One of the Seer Series by Sherry L …
ValeryElias16    (4 stars, B&N)
The Guardians of Eastgate: Book One of the Seer Series by Sherry Leclerc is a great fantasy book with a wealth of mystical creatures. With a map in the beginning of the book that details the lands that these creatures live in, the author sets the tone well, and gives the reader this added bit of information in order to fully enjoy the story. The names of the characters are particularly beautiful, from Maelona to Kelwyn and add the the beautiful sense of the story. Of course there is an ancient evil that must be fought and conquered , that being a rather classic way of putting together a fantasy tale. Beyond that, there are undercurrents that suggest that one learn self acceptance, and perhaps this is the biggest overall moral lesson to the story. A bit of romance and mystery add balance to the tale, while the dialogue and character development is spot on. Highly recommend for an engaging book that allows the reader to escape for a while.

March 1, 2018

Format: Paperback
Trina H (from

26 February 2018

Loved this book, there is plenty of detail of characters and location to allow for visualisation of them. I was also impressed with the way the romance between Maelona and Blaez was developed, can’t wait for the next book to see where that goes, I am a romantic at heart, and what happens with the great battle.



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