Authors, Know Thy Craft!

Authors, Know Thy Craft! You don’t need a degree to write a book but, authors, you do need to know your craft. I’ve recently read a number of online blog and social media posts where people claim that you don’t need to have a university or college degree to write a book. I believe this […]

Should You Edit While You Write?

Should You Edit While You Write? Many first-time writers wonder if they should edit during the writing process. The simple answer, and the resounding consensus that you will hear online and in books, is NO.   Writing is an art. It is a creative process where you bring your story to life.   Writing is […]


GUEST POST March 1, 2018 The following is an interesting article by guest author, James Gault, and was originally posted on The Voices of Literature website:   Concise Characterisation Name of Books : Hard Times, by Charles Dickens and Ogg by James Gault The extracts: The beginning of Dickens’ Hard Times, where we hear […]